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2006 - 2007

After evaluating ITCRs 2004 and 2005 programs and projects we are currently restructuring and adapting the organizational and financial part of the company and have therefore not undertaken any other mayor exchange programs.

We are currently in the process of changing the company into a CIC (Community Interest Company) and have been meeting with theatre practitioner from various countries to explore collaborations.

NOTE: We are currently looking for a creative producer interested in joining our company. We
are not just looking for someone to find money but to also be involved in strategic and creative decisions as well as sourcing collaborative possibilities. However as we have so far only been project funded this is a position for someone willing and able to work on a commission basis.

For further information please contact Marlene on



However we have been busy with holding workshops and smaller projects and exchanges between artists.

In 2006 ITCR went again to Greece to hold a WORKSHOP on physical and devised theatre the outcome was presented at the A B Theatre.

Out of this resulted a exchange collaboration with.. on the Bertold Brecht play THE HOLY JOAN OF THE SLAUGHTERHOUSES, which was performed at the in May 2007 to great acclaim.

In 2007 Marlene has been invited to be a guest teacher at the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF MAKING THEATRE in Athens (see info

Also planned in the Autumn of 2007 is a two day event called `A FASHION (A) FAIR that brings the idea
of fashion fares for young designers, as they regularly happen in the East End of London, to Athens.
But bring something new to it we are combining it with interactive live performances and will take over
the whole of Booze for the last weekend in October 2007.

For 2008 we are working on finding sufficient funding to produce `WHEN AMAZONS WAKE as a multi-national mixed discipline spectacle. The basis will be the work in 2005 but with a re-worked concept and
some great new ideas as well as live music.
Further we are planning a collaboration with Austria, Greece and the UK.

Should you be interested in funding or sponsorship please contact Marlene via


Otherwise all of us have been busy with other projects and collaboration with other companies in our
professional fields:

Marlene Kaminsky is joining Theatre Lab Company run by Anastasia Revi ( the director of the 2005 program and `When Amazons Wake) as an actress for `Velvet Scratch and `XXX both of which will be taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2007. For more information see

Alexandra Dyranis Maounis has been busy with making films and writing film scripts as well as being involved in the initial research and development phase of `Velvet Scratch.

We are also always pleased to keep in touch with past participants of ITCRs activities. And it is fantastic to hear that we helped stimulating and inspiring new collaborations, ideas and professional decisions.