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In 2004 ITCR launched its first theatre exchange program. It took place Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was the first exchange program of this kind to happen in Banja Luka.

The idea was to create a site-specific, devised theatre production with a dominating physical style.

After long negotiations ITCR was permitted to use an old munitions warehouse with in the former Serbian Army Headquarters, Kaserna Vrbas. This was a real sign of support by the Town of Banja Luka and the University of Banja Luka, as only a few weeks before it had been cleared by the Army and handed over to the University. It was the first event that allowed the public access to a formerly strictly off-limits site.

The venue was an open and bare space with light coming from 3 sides. It had a concrete floor and three pillars running through the middle. A stage was constructed and build by the ensemble with the assistance of GETO. Lights had to be fixed to the wall, a lighting desk was built out of a box existing of a wooden box and 10 dimmers. As the building had no electricity, wires had to be laid from the neighbouring building.


The Production - Ko je u ogledalu ?? ( Who is in the mirror ??)

Five Characters find themselves in a room the night before a wedding. Restrained by an entity outside this reality - embodied by the three dancers - they characters cannot leave the room. They are catapulted into a world where the past future and presence co-exist. Now outside the familiar parameters of their lives the character´s physical experience a different kind of realities, that of dreams, emotions and secrets.

Individual snapshot like scenes are connected through phases of transformation, which propel the stories further and demand of the characters to tell their truth, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes overlapping. The end, the last 5 minutes of the play is unpredictable as it is newly improvised every night.