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For 2004 ITCR invited the musicians Alfredo Genovesi and Lewis Gibson from the UK and German Choreographer Monika Koch for its workshop and master class series. All three artists are acclaimed and established in their fields.


Workshops and Master Classes:

- Soundscapes for Theatre (with ensemble) - Alfredo and Lewis
- Free Music Improvisation (with ensemble) - Alfredo and Lewis
- Radio Production (for the local community) - Alfredo and Lewis
- Laban´s Basics (with ensemble) - Monika Koch
- Dramaturgy via the Body (with ensemble) - Monika Koch/ Marlene Kaminsky
- View Points (with ensemble) - Marlene Kaminsky

Alfredo and Lewis also created most of the sound scapes and original score for the theatre production, while Monika Koch devised and choreographed the opening scene of `Ko je u ogledalu´ with the three dancers.


Other activities produced by ITCR:

- Free Radio Production Workshop for local students - Alfredo and Lewis
- Screening of European theatre productions at KIC, followed by Q&A and discussion - Marlene Kaminsky
- Gigs in Banja Luka and Mostar - Alfredo and Lewis