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For 2005 ITCR was very happy to secured the participation of the award winning British Choreographer and Dancer Miriam King , who intensively worked with and prepared the ensemble throughout the 2-week workshop period.


`In the workshop sessions working both in studio situation and outdoors I
wished to explore with the ensemble particular qualities:
A quality of seeing, yet not looking. A quality of lightness yet groundedness.
Connection to/between heaven and earth. A sense of presence.
To develop more awareness in backs/spines, encouraging more
openess and receptiveness in bodies. Softening and strengthening.
To cease with thinking, allowing more feeling. Turning imaginationinto images.
To encounter spaces that embrace eternal time.
(Miriam King)



Miriam King
Greek Traditional Dance (Local Teacher)
The 8 Greek Gods (Lecture)
Costume and Performance



Commencing her professional performance career 1984, moving from circus to theatre to dance to live art to film, Mim is an Artist/Choreographer/Director/Dancer/Live Artist/Filmmaker born in London, living in Brighton, working Internationally. With a training in Russia with Anton Adasinsky, she's created her own unique performances since 1992, taking her to dance, theatre and live art festivals around the World including the Peoples Republic of China. Her award winning dance film work has been shown at Lincoln Centre/New York, Pompidou Centre/Paris, ICA/London, the Venice Bienale and in every continent.

Last year Miriam created, choreographed and directed a new dance theatre show "Sleepwalker" for dance company High Spin, which remains on tour. In 2004 she was also associate director for Carneskys Ghost Train. A live art event set within a real ghost train ride. She completed 2004 by creating a new solo site-specific work 'Eternity', for Encounter:Water, Kostelec, Czech Republic. She is currently performing on tour with Voodoo Vaudeville and the show Vampires of Variety, and about to commence an Arts-Council live-art/video project titled "Specimim".