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REVIJA - 14.08.2004

...a theatre show that is unconventional...

As a gift to Banja Luka a theatre show is will be presented, which allows the theatre ensemble great freedom to realise their ideas?

Yet untitled, the show will be in the form of devised theatre, which is a contemporary approach of creating theatre, different from traditional theatre...


Marlene Kaminsky is the artistic director of ITC, a company that works outside England in places with a lack of contemporary theatre approaches and forms...

`I came because this here is a place of historical and cultural crossroads which fascinates me. It is an area where we wanted to use contemporary art as a means to provoke young people to gather and work together on ideas which they can themselves develop.ī This idea was very welcomed by the young people... .


Marlene is trying to gather artist and support them to create something in their own way something that hasnīt so far not been seen in this city on the Vrbas...

Devising theatre starts and develops from a basic main idea where actors have great freedom in creating characters and scenes. This type of theatre is different form classical theatre where director has the main word and where the actors often lack the freedom to improvise. Actors, set designer and costume designer can take the role of director if they have an idea corresponding with the theme.

...`Ljilja Pretragovic of Geto believes that this innovation (ITCR program) is a great idea to bring the vision of contemporary streams of European and World Theatre closer to the people of Banja Luka.Through its contact with ITC, Geto is hoping to develop similar projects in the future... .


...The idea is to create a theatre where the physical expression dominates, though there will also be some original text... all characters have dual roles, which are in conflict. Marlene gathered young artists full of idea, without fear and eager to show something new...
Their talent is the guarantee for their success... .


I hope this show will be a new experience for the audience. One novelty is the space, it give a lot of possibilities to explore and than the work process, it is similar to jazz musicians who work on the basis of improvisation... the music will have its root in tradition but with connection of the contemporary.ī
(Sinisa Stanic, musician and performer)

Vedrana: `we started to create the costumes, but because it is a very physical theatre meaning lots of movement and dance, we had to design the costume to be comfortable and suitable for movement. The theatre show is talking about Balkan integrity and the costumes will be inspired by Balkan tradition... .i.e. needlework and embroidery. (Vedrana Gajic - costume)

Boris Glamocanin, set designer on the question how to design the set, `I donīt know yet. Depends on what material we can use, buy and what we will find on the rubbish tip, but on all ideas we will work together.

The whole work is really complex but most important is that it is a work of the group full of ideas and surprises.

Members of the cast and Marlene Kaminsky gave interviews on local TV and Radio prior to the opening night.

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