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15-21 September

We saw and liked...

We found ourselves in Thessaloniki and witnessed the pioneering work of International Theatre Crossroads, based in London, and distinguished it. We are talking about the play `When Amazons Wake´, a play based on `Penthesilea´ from Heinrich von Kleist. The cast comprised of six foreign actresses (German, Italian, Norwegian, South-African, French and Spaniard), each speaking her own mother tongue. Targets of their flaming arrows were six Greek `warriors´, who in the two months of their preparation were initiated into the art of `physical theatre´.

It was indeed an interesting, daring attempt of the 12-member multi-national company, that ventured into the dangerous `realm´ of body language yet managing to maintain communication at the maximum level and not loosing touch with the audience. It is in the plans of the company to bring the show to Athens, while at the same time already preparing new, innovative versions of it. Awaiting news!

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