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The Thessaly:

August 27th, Saturday 2005
2 Shows this weekend at Tsagkarada
`When Amazons Wake...´

The Cultural, History and Arts Organization `EPITEXNON´ of the Municipality of Mouresi, has shown this year special attention to theatre not only by hosting various plays, but also by providing staff, space and time - at the Nanopoulio estate in Tsagkarada - to the theatrical organization International Theatre Crossroads-ITCR, for the production from scratch of the play `When Amazons Wake...´.

ITCR - International Theatre Crossroads is a non-profit organization based in London, England. ITCR runs an innovative annual Program for international exchange, training and research in the field of contemporary theatre. Each Program takes place in a different European location and this year Greece was chosen and in particular Tsagkarada. `When Amazons Wake...´ is based on the classical German text `Penthesilea´ by Heinrich von Kleist which in turn is based on the myth of the queen of the Amazons and Achilles (who is considered in a way from Pilion), student of the centaur Cheiron, and the mix with the modern culture and tradition of this place. It is a play of great expectations that received raving reviews from the local press and thrilled those that had the chance to see it.

The last two shows at our region will take place today, Saturday August 27th, at 9.30, at the Nanopoulio estate in Tsagkarada and tomorrow, Sunday August 28th, at 9.30, at Kissos square. Ticket price: 10.00 Euro for adults and 5.00 Euro for students and children.

Actors from all over Europe comprise the cast. At the role of Penthesilea is Marlene Kaminsky, at the role of Achilles is Tasos Nousias and also Sara Bovolenta, Elisabeth Dahli, Kyla Davis, Daniela Casilda, Pacale Nielsen, Argyris Gkagkanis, Savvas Kovlakas, Thanasis Saliampouhos, Lefteris Zampetakis, Theodore Zoumpoulidis. Director is the awarded Anastasia Revi. Stage creation belongs to Nikolaos Zavaliaris. Production Manager is Ms Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis.



September 2005

Anastasia Revi
Anastasia lives and works in London where she maintains her own group, the Theatre Lab Company. This year she will be presenting a modern version of `Penthesilea´ from Heinrich von Kleist titled `When Amazons Wake´. Her contemporary theatrical approaches guarantee a unique show. If you admire the Amazons, be on 20, 21 and 22 of August at Milies of Pilion, on 25 at Nea Ionia of Volos or on 27 at the Nanopoulio of Tsagkarada.

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