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The Thessaly and Proti:

August 19th, Friday 2005
An international theatrical event at `Aloni´ of the `great´ St George

An especially interesting theatrical event will be presented to those who attend the exquisite `Aloni´ theatre at the `great´ St George of Pilion on the 20th and 21st at 9´o clock. ITCR - International Theatre Crossroads, an non-profitable organization based in London, in collaboration with the local cultural vehicles of St George, will be presenting the play `When Amazons Wake´ as a modern version of the classical German play `Penthesilea´ from Heinrich von Kleist.

It is about one of the most beautiful yet savage myths of Greek Mythology. In the play, Penthesilea, a queen of the Amazons, interrupts the Trojan War to acquire her object of lust, Achilles. The legendary hero of the Greeks and the queen of Amazons engage in battle, guided by their increasing, mutual desirability but their incapability to compromise and their deep-rooted war instincts drive them eventually in a scene of tragic savagery and tragedy. The play investigates the relations between love, lust, dominance and destruction and constitutes a meeting place of two unknown to each other worlds, with different languages and cultures. The only familiar thing being the game of survival, of life and death and as a catalyst of war´s With this theatrical creation, an innovative proposal-meeting of Europe and Greece is attempted in Pilion...

In this show, directed by Anastasia Revi, contemporary theatrical approaches are being used to combine movement with music together with influences from the local cultural heritage of Pilion along with the authentic lecto-phonetic language of the Amazons.

The cast is comprised of six European actresses, whereas the six men of the cast are Greeks, among them the renowned actor Tasos Nousias.

In detail, the Amazons are being played by actresses Marlene Kaminsky(Germany), Pascale Nielsen(France), Elisabeth Dahl(Norway), Kyla Davis(G.Britain), Sara Bovotenta(Italy) and Daniela Garsia-Casilda(Spain) and the Greek warriors by actors Tasos Nousias(Achilles), Argiris Gaganis, Savvas Kovlakas, Thanasis Saliabouhos, Theodore Zouboulidis and Leuteris Zabetakis.


The Thessaly

August 23rd, Tuesday
A beautiful theatrical performance at `Aloni´ of St George, Nilias

A marvelous performance was in store for those that attended last Saturday or Sunday night´s shows (and they were aplenty) at the magnificent open theatre of St George of Pilion, which evolved this summer (as quoted in Press) to a `small Epidaurus of Pilion´. It was the latest addition to the rich creative background of ITCR (International Theatre Crossroads) which is a not-for-profit organization based in London that sets its mark every year in the European scene. The play itself owes much of its success to the direction and tutoring of an exceptionally talented director, Ms Anastasia Revi, as well as to the very successful casting and participation of the 12 selected actors, of which the 6 women originated from different European countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Norway and Spain) and the 6 men were Greeks.

`When Amazons Wake...´ is a splendid theatrical production of what would be a modern interpretation of the classical German text `Penthesilea´ by Heinrich von Kleist, which is itself based on a less known, yet one of the most beautiful and at the same time wildest ancient Greek myths.

Standing out in this masterfully directed performance, where both contemporary and simple theatrical approaches were implemented, was the amazing display of the German lead actress (Marlene Kaminsky) at the role of Penthesilea, as well as the renowned Greek actor´s Tasos Nousias who played Achilles.

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