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July 20th, Wednesday 2005
Interview with Project Manager Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis

...Why is a very important group, the International Theatre Crossroads, based in London,

being `hostedŽ by the Municipality of Mouresi, in the preparation process of a show soon to be presented to the friends of theatre. As head of production management of ITCR Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis states, aim of the team is the creation of contemporary chorographical performances that facilitate as bridges of cultural communication between nations.

- How would you outline ITCRs profile?

ITCR, based in London, is a theatrical organization aiming to create contemporary theatrical shows, bring together different civilizations, ethnicities and cultures. This has been accomplished on a primary level and is proven by the lineup of the group currently working in Tsagkarada. Every year we run a European cultural exchange project. Last year?s project was a huge success in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This year Greece has been chosen and in particular eastern Pilion. It was sheer luck that brought us to its heart, the Municipality of Mouresi in Tsagkarada.

- Which reasons lead you to select this area?

First of all the mountain itself, its natural beauty and the myths it carries with it. Necessary background for the shaping of a play based on a myth born in a mythical place. Another reason was the chemistry created between the municipality, E.P.I.TEXNON and us. Common visions meeting with excellent timing. All these resulted, along with the prompt hospitality and the perfect working spot for us, to the creation of a positive atmosphere essential to the completion of our work.

- So the myths of Amazons and Centaurs are a source of inspiration to you?

The yearly 2-month project comprises of three sectors. The first one is educational, the second one is purely about the creative process and the third one is about the shows. As you can understand all three of them are interconnected. The first sector is the dominant one, through the multiethnic company, the historical weight of the myth and the local environment and tradition, the production is being shaped and leads to the show. This year, based on the Amazon myth and in particular on the classic theatrical play `PenthesileaŽ from Heinrich von Kleist, which is based itself on the myth of the Amazon queen and the (in a manner from Pilion) Achilles, student of the centaur `CheironaŽ and on the mix of the modern culture and tradition of this land, we are hoping to the creation of the show `When Amazons WakeŽ.

- What will the audience gain from this show?

Our main aim is to attract new audiences and promote contemporary theatre around Greece, by presenting a European performance based on movement and choreography and less on spoken words. Body language is international and understandable to all and it clearly is a source of inspiration to us and our work.

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