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July 18th, Monday 2005

Amazons from London marching to Pilion

A modern version of the classic `Penthesilea´ from Heinrich von Kleist, titled `When Amazons Wake´ is being attempted by Anastasia Revi, director, living and working in London with her own group, the `Theatre Lab Company´.Her attempt this year is a high specifications show, involving an innovative proposal, presented in Pilion. Why Pilion?

Due to the fact that the British company International Theatre Crossroads, with which they are collaborating, is running a yearly project of international exchange, education and research in modern theatre. Every project takes place in a different of Europe and results in the production of a theatrical play, which in following is presented in the local area. This year, Pilion in Greece has been selected.

Pilian Amazons, marching, hunting, breeding and eradicating their...preys. But what language do they speak? `Their own, especially devised for the show´ as the director informs us. `We are using contemporary theatrical approaches, combining movement, music and influences from the cultural heritage of Pilion´.

A multicultural company of twelve actors was formed around the ITCR team. British, French, Germans, Greeks, Italians, Spaniards and Norwegians will `narrate´ visually one of the wildest, most beautiful tales of the Greek Mythology. The confrontation of the Greeks with the Amazons and the fatal love at first sight of Achilles and Penthesilea who `will lie dead before the end of day, their teeth sunken in each others neck´.

`Two worlds strange to each other, with different languages and customs, the only familiar thing being the game of survival, of life and death and as a catalyst of war´s dyne, love´. Tasos Nousias will be playing the role of legendary Achilles and German actress Marlene Kaminsky (the artistic director of ITCR) the dynamic Penthesilea, queen of the Amazons.

This interesting and ambitious production is an artistic, physical and musical proposal deriving from the collaboration of European artists. The playwriting was performed by Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis, the direction by Anastasia Revi, costumes and set design by Nikolaos Zavaliaris and choreography-movement by Miriam King.

The rehearsals have already begun from the 10th of July in Tsagkarada, while at the same time seminars are taking place with the contribution of Greek and European artists, academics and local folk artisans, aiming at a wider cultural exchange and synthesis.

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